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Liaoyang Chenglong mineral products Co., Ltd

Address: Taizihe District, Liaoyang City, Liaoning, China

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Liaoyang Chenglong Mineral Production Co.,Ltd is the leading fused synthesizes materials producer.it especially produce Fused Chrome and Fused Corundum series of products. Since established in 2000, with the great supports and helps from both new and regular customers. Now it has become the biggest production base in Fused Chrome、Fused Alumina Chrome、Fused Zirconia -Alumina-Chrome series synthesize materials , Our comprehensive company can also produce Fused magnesia chrome materials、Alumina-Titanium Corundum and Fused White Alumina etc. Productions and all kinds of quality grade Fused Synthesize Materials. All the required by customers.In 2018, the new subsidiary company was built, which is Dasen technology  high temperature material co., LTD.. In 2020, the comany developed a new thermal spraying material production line (AT powder level upgrade edition DS leve). Using high quality raw materials, smelting, producing, milling, processing, packaging one-stop quality, it is the most powerful thermal spraying powder production base in China.Products are widely used in mechanical lining, transfer wheel roller, mechanical seal ring pump plunger, piston rod ceramic rod, automobile crankshaft, textile roller, textile steel pressure cup, carding roller and other accessories. 

The company produces DS grade AT powder model AT/DS0.3-AT/DS99 (including more than 100 kinds of aluminum white corundum powder, titanium, zirconium, chromium and other kinds of composite powder).The porosity, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, compact toughness and luster uniformity of the upgraded DS grade AT powder are 16% higher than the cost performance of the traditional AT powder.

Our production mainly are used in refractory、environment、antisepsis、milling materials、ceramic、glass kiln、curative、space flight、spray finishing etc industry. Based on high production technology,full range of production equipment,experienced technical staff  and strict business administration,the company will provide you with both good quality products and satisfactory service.  

We take ‘Customer oriented and enterprising spirit’ as the business philosophy and insist that the customers is the first. We will offer the best service to be your sincere partner. We warmly cooperate with domestic and foreign customers to explore business opportunities and strive for future of monolithic refractory and spray finishing.