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Liaoyang Chenglong mineral products Co., Ltd

Address: Taizihe District, Liaoyang City, Liaoning, China

Phone: + 86-419-2195899 Fax: + 86-419-2195799

Sales Department: Manager Li 18604196669 

Foreign Trade Department: Manager Zhang 15041966212

E-mail: chenglong_ref@163.com

Website: .www.chenglongref.com

Add: Taizihe District LiaoyangCity Liaoning China.

Tel: +86-419-2195899

Fax: +86-419-2195799

Sale department Manager:Mr Li 18604196669

International business department :Miss Zhang15041966212

Spraying powder

Sales district representative: 

Li Lin: 13188602229 Jiangbei District

Li Bai: 15641965557 Jiangnan District

Xia Pu Cheng: 18241949851 Jiangbei District

E-mail:chenglong_ref@163.com    Website:. www.chenglongref.com